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Accessibility Statement

The BSYNY website has been coded so that as many people as possible may access the site and the information contained within. Features Include:


Strict use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for all layout. No tables are used for layout purposes.

Valid XHTML1.1 and valid CSS as specified by the W3C.

Resizing text/zooming

If you find the text is too small on our web site, then you can resize it accordingly.

For Internet Explorer 7+

choose Page >Text Size from the menu to resize the text.

Or choose Page > Zoom from the menu to resize the entire page.

For Mozilla Firefox

choose View > Zoom from the menu.

All other browsers should be able to resize the text directly from the menu bar, alternatively in many browsers you can zoom by holding CTRL and pressing + or -, also some browsers support zooming by holding CTRL and using the mouse scroll wheel. Please see your specific browser help pages if you are having difficulty.


Full support for non-graphical browsers.


A separate style sheet for print has been included so printed pages contain only the relevant information a user wishes to print.


If you have a disability, or use assistive technology to read these pages, and have a suggestion for how we could improve the site, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us for more information.