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For most people, starting your own business requires a substantial leap into the unknown.

It takes a lot of focus, patience, skill and knowledge (and a little bit of luck too!). Many people who embark on the journey will need considerable determination and confidence. Character is also a key element since, subject to your attitude to risk, you will need the tenacity to overcome the many barriers that will present themselves.

We have now begun a range of new events aimed at bringing confidence to people thinking of starting a business. For more information visit the FORTHCOMING EVENTS section. As your business starts there are a number of other business support options available to you under the heading of.....

  • FINANCE - how to get the best financial support available for you and your business?
  • COACHING & MENTORING - what options are there for mentoring support to help you achieve success?

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Established Businesses

For those that have recently started or those who have been in business for a while the business probably will have changed from its original concept. Through a range of small business support options we have developed two key ways to help verify and check business development. To assess where the business currently is we recommend a BUSINESS REVIEW & REPORT. This is an overview of the business designed to highlight any issues that need attention and to provide the business owners with a series of actions that provide an opportunity to reflect on their aims & objectives.

Following the BUSINESS REVIEW & REPORT is our ADVANTAGE COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAMME that represents a longer term solution. It’s a bit like having your personal consultant on hand to offer help when you need it most. Some of our clients have taken part in the ADVANTAGE COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAMME over several years and value it highly

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Additional Services

As a result of popular demand BSYNY also offers additional services to help ease the burden of running your business, these are:

All at very competitive rates.

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