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Providing high quality business support and advice across York and North Yorkshire

First Time in Business?

Starting in business has arguably been described as a liberating experience or, conversely it can be daunting, complicated and a bit of a minefield. First steps often focus on understanding what you don’t know and the process of discovery embarks on gathering clear and reliable information.

Using a qualified Business Support Specialist with good local knowledge will ensure you get the best business support focusing on the key areas you need to consider. We offer sound business advice and support coupled with best practice to give you confidence, and we will remain with you for as long as you need us. We demystify the terminology and present information to you in a clear understandable way.

Indeed we have been helping businesses in York & North yorkshire for over 25 years. – will YOU be next?

Got a good idea?

The best businesses start with a good idea. Developing that idea into a business though requires a degree of tenacity, good business skills & knowledge, (and a bit of luck & money too!). Most people don't have a clear understanding which order to do things, which skills to acquire, how to protect yourself legally, how much money is needed?, all these questions will need solutions, and more besides.

Buying an existing business?

There are those that choose to invest in an existing business or perhaps a franchise opportunity. Whilst these provide the ability to trade immediately there are some precautions that should be considered. What information can I get about the business, is it reliable? Why are the owners selling? What is a fair price to pay? Is stock/support included?, and many, many more.

You can buy books, research the Internet, attend courses but how can you be sure you get the right support at the right time?

Meet up with one of our Business Support Specialists we'll help you get it right first time.

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