Cash house buyers to the rescue

Trying to sell your house within a reasonable time frame is already challenging enough. Trying to sell it fast is even tougher, considering the typical process ranges anywhere from six to nine months. In fact, it borders on the impossible to sell your home quickly if you are not familiar with the property industry. But “I need to sell my house quick”, you say. That’s fine. You’ve come to the right place, and we’re here to help you.

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How to sell your house fast


The first thing you need to understand is, real estate agents and banks won’t be able to help you. They adhere to decades old procedures written in stone. They can’t go any faster. So what do you do? You look for cash buyers.


There are many companies in UK who buys houses for cash. It is a lucrative way to exploit market inefficiency. However, many of these companies go bankrupt after a few years because they became too greedy and forget about delivering quality service to their customers. They buy houses far below the market rate and take advantage of desperate people. Not us.


Why we are the perfect buyer for your house


We are one of the older cash house buyers in UK, and we have remained in business for so long because we are reliable and honest, and we provide a high level of service.


First and foremost, we always offer fair prices for the homes of our customers. Our rates may not be the highest every time, but they are above average market rates. If you try to sell your homes the conventional way using real estate agents, chances are, half of them will value your home lower.


We also take the financial limitations of our customers to heart. This is why we don’t charge any type of fee to process your application. In fact, we will pay your legal cost – not to mention the free valuation of your home.


Finally, we protect our customers from risk of fraud by strictly adhering to the policies of the National Association of Property Buyers – one of the many national organisations we are a member of. Incidentally, we are also a listed member of the Parliament’s Property Ombudsman, which accords private citizens with the legal mechanism to file property-related disputes.


In other words, we’re fair, dealing with us is safe, and you will receive your payment in just a couple of weeks. So don’t wait any longer. Speak to us today and let us help you.


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